Action Packed Weekend

This weekend was great! Friday I got off work a little early and headed to the Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando for the Florida Youth Convention. So many young people gathered together for a weekend to get closer to God. Friday night Pastor Raley Preached an awesome messaged, Pastor Trent and the worship team lead praise and worship, the crave ensemble played an instrumental piece, Sarah Kelly played and HYPE did their thang! A night full of power and excitement.!! Saturday I went with the family to the Annual Florida Classic Event. Each year two historically Black Colleges battle it out in the Citrus Bowl Stadium in Orlando. What may have seemed like an instate rivalry between the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats and the Florida A&M Rattlers, has now moved to become the largest football game between two historically Black Colleges in America. We had a great time chillin, enjoying the game and eating a gang of food!!!!!!!! Cookman wins this year 34 to 7! Sunday service at Calvary was awesome as always. The choir ministered a new song called the “revelation song” by Jennie Riddle(i think). The choir was joined this morning by the ladies from HYPE and a phenomenal artist, Chris Swink. It was truly amazing to see the different ministries joined together this morning. God’s presence was so amazing! What a cool weekend!


Graphic Design 10: How to Straighten an image in Photoshop


Have you ever imported an image into photoshop and it was crooked? Well here is a fast accurate solutions in straightening the image.

Select the tape measure tool (it shares space with the eyedropper in Photoshop’s toolbox) and drag a line across part of your image that should be straight. This can be done horizontal or vertical. Then from the drop down menu choose (Image), (Rotate Canvas), (Arbitrary).

Photoshop auto-calculates the value required to straighten your image. Click (Ok) and your image is all squared up.


Graphic Design 9: Quick Blurs


Here is a fast tip on how to isolate a specific area on an image and blur it. Using the elliptical marquee tool, select the area you desire to blur. A good example would probably be an individual’s face in a crowd shot, if you do not want to reveal their identity. Next go to the drop down menu, filter, blur, gaussian blur. Select the intensity level in which you want to blur the object or person. It’s that easy! Get creative with it!


Be Back Soon…

Hello viewers. I know it has been quite a while since I have been involved on the blog scene but I will be back soon. More photoshop tips and whatever else is in my brain to come shortly. I appreciate everyone who has tuned in and supported my blog site. Your all the bomb!


Graphic Design 8: Converting an Image into Text Shapes

These simple steps will explain how to mask out an image to take upon the shape of text.

Step1. Open the image of your choice and then duplicate the layer. Next, type the word you want across the image as shown below.


Step2. Move cursor over the layer with the type icon in the layer box. Hold control or open apple and then click. You should now have the marching ants around the text.


Step3. Turn off the original image layer and the text layer. Select the duplicate image layer in the layers box as shown below. Finally click on the add layer mask icon at the bottom of the layers box to clip out the image.


Hope this helps!


Moving Forward…

What has God asked us to do but we declined and let fear paralyze our faith?

How many times has God position us to succeed and opened doors but we just sat there?

Sometimes we may find ourselves just sitting in neutral when God is ready for us to move. We are not moving forward in life and even risk being able to be pushed backwards by the enemy through negative thoughts, a negative tongue and fear. We can’t let our God given opportunities pass us by.

Personal Change is so important to succeed. Let’s change the way we think. God is BIG, so lets think BIG. It’s not cool putting God in a box. Let’s become more positive thinkers. Let’s speak life into ourselves and others. The bible says there is power in the tongue. Let’s step out of our comfort zones. Comfort zones will lock our doors of opportunity for growth.

With God being the head of our lives and through discipline, hard-work, love and faith we can change. Change can be a wonderful gift. Change can make a positive difference in our lives! I know I have some things I can change.

Let’s move forward in life! What will you change today?


Graphic Design 7: Photoshop to Illustrator

Converting Photoshop pixel files into an Illustrator vector file.

Have you ever created a logo or had an object in photoshop that you wanted to convert into a vector file? Well, here is one simple way to achieve this. Now keep in mind that considering how complexity of your design, will determine how much clean up you will need to do later in Illustrator. I find that this technique works more efficient with designs that are not so complex. Its great with logos, one color process t-shirt designs, etc.

Step 1: Open the file you want to convert in photoshop. Use the magic wand tool to highlight the object. The object should show the marching ants around it as shown below in Figure 7:1.

Figure 7:1.

Step 2: Next you will click on the path tab that is located on the layers box. Click on the path icon located at the bottom to change the marching ants into a working path. See below in Figure 7:2.

Figure 7:2.

Step 3: After completing the first two steps, click back on the layers tab and turn the eye off on the object layer so you can view the path as seen below in Figure 7:3.

Figure 7:3.

Step 4: We are almost finished! In the top menu bar, click on file, export, paths to illustrator as shown below in Figure 7:4. Save and name the object as an illustrator file to your destop or folder of your choice.

Figure 7:4.

Step 5: This is the final step! Open the new object file in illustrator. You can now change the colors, clean up the graphic and resize it the way you please as a vector format. See below in Figure 7:5.

Figure 7:5.

Hope this helps!

Peace and God Bless!

Graphic Design 5: Color Transformation

Here is a simple quick way to transform color.

Keep in mind that this method may not work on every photo or situation put can be great if you are on a time crunch.

In this figure I will show you how to change the color of this tie in a few simple steps.

1. Open Image and use the lasso or (pen tool) to trace around the image.

1a) For more effective results use the pen tool to create a more accurate path. Then click on the path tab in the layer box. Next double click on the path in the layer box to save the path, just click ok. Finally click on the small arrow to the far right of the path tab and scroll down to make selection.

Rather if you decide to use step “1” or “1a”, the more accurate you are in tracing the object the less sloppy it will look at the end. It is important to trace directly around the object you only want the color shift to take place or the color will bleed off to other parts of the image.

You should now have the marching ants around the object.

2. Next, go to the top menu and click on image, adjustments, then Hue/Saturation. You can now slide the Hue bar left or right to the desired color of your choice.


3. YOU ARE FINISHED!!!!!! Hopefully you will not have a lot of cleaning up to do 🙂 Remember, you can really get creative with this technique. So think outside the box!