Marvin Eans

5 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. YO!!!!!
    Marvin, I’m so proud of you man. You are getting it. You understand the power of prayer, not because you’re proficient in words, but because you understand the concept of a relationship. It’s not to just traditionally pray the our father, it’s to chat with the Lord as if He were sitting next to you. I love you man. You are truly an inspiring man of God and an awesome of Disciple. WE ARE RISING UPPER!!!
    In Jesus’ Name

  2. Marvin, I truly enjoyed reading these Thanks for being so creative and sharng how God has blessed you. You love the Lord and I love how you share your experiences and testimonies. Mama Canilla is looking down and smiling on you. She is so proud of you and so is the rest of our family. You’ve done well nephew. Contnue to keep God first.

  3. Hey Marv….

    i want you to take pic of me…. one day…. we need to do this….


  4. Hello,

    This is rakie. I hope you remember me .We spoke twice in the phone. If you ever need someone to conversate with, just call me. I mean it. God always place someone in your life for a reason. LikeI said before trust me.
    Remember, God loves you.
    May God Bless You

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