Jet Ski and Dance, Dance, Dance

Saturday was a pretty action packed day. For the first time I went Jet skiing with my bro Ed and some friends at ponce inlet. We had a blast! It definitely makes you want one of your own after having so much fun. One of our boys fell off his ski and it was hilarious! No matter what I just did not want to fall off, plus i can’t swim. Ha, Ha, Ha!

Later on I danced at the Salvation Army place across the street from my crib. My cousin, Lynn Thompson also preached. I mimed to “Order My Steps” and God did his thing. Once a month guys from all over come together for service at this place. We had a great time.

Right after that I had to rush over to the Hilton to join up with the crew to dance. We did “I want it all back” for a company banquet that was taking place there. It was cool for people to see that church can be fun and that you can praise God in many ways, one being through dance.

HYPE, you kids are great. I don’t know what I would do without ya! I thank God for opening doors for us!