Nap Town Baby!

Indianapolis is an amazing city that is always growing. A city full of restaurants, shopping, entertainment, incredible history and much more. I am back at the roots chillin’ with my fam and friends for the holiday. I finally caught up with one of my best home slices that I have not seen in literally years. We got together with other friends and cousins yesterday and had an awesome time reminiscing and laughing until we just had cramps in our stomachs. I thank God for all my friends and family! You all ROCK!


Oh yeah..! Right now there is some snow on the ground and it is about 32 degrees. Tonight it is suppose to get down to 24.  I’m loving the snow but the cold weather can go!


x box 360

Tonight was another x box 360 night for me. Some friends and I got together for a night of Rock band and other games. Rock Band is definitely my favorite game at the moment. It does an amazing job in bringing out the wannabe rock star in me! (lol). I would have to say that this is one of the most enjoyable interactive game that I have played in a long time. It is hilarious watching my friends try to sing and hit notes they know they could reach if their lives were depending on it. I’m terrible at the singing part myself. If you are not familiar with this game it is basically like guitar hero but at a whole new level. With Rock band, you actually have a drum set, microphone, guitar and you can also plug in a bass guitar from guitar hero. This game is a must have if it is missing from your collection of games.