Graphic Design 8: Converting an Image into Text Shapes

These simple steps will explain how to mask out an image to take upon the shape of text.

Step1. Open the image of your choice and then duplicate the layer. Next, type the word you want across the image as shown below.


Step2. Move cursor over the layer with the type icon in the layer box. Hold control or open apple and then click. You should now have the marching ants around the text.


Step3. Turn off the original image layer and the text layer. Select the duplicate image layer in the layers box as shown below. Finally click on the add layer mask icon at the bottom of the layers box to clip out the image.


Hope this helps!


2 thoughts on “Graphic Design 8: Converting an Image into Text Shapes

  1. Marvin,
    This Katy Prince (one of the twins) I am Jacksonville Masters Commission right now and i am in charge of pics, editing and a little design stuff!! However i use “Corel Draw 11″…i am having to teach myself and i get so confused with it all that i end up doing nothing in an hour… i know what i want to do but it is the doing it that is the problem…i know that you help with photoshop stuff but do you know any thing about corel..or would you just reconmend photoshop?? ok well let me know hope your having a great day! Katy

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