Boogie On Down 3: And the WINNER is…


Sabra Elise Johnson Takes it ALL!

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! I really felt like a female would win this year. Sabra is an excellent dancer and was consistent throughout the whole season. She stated she has only been dancing for 4 years but her performances is like she has been dancing for a lifetime.

Sabra is the bomb!

Sabra in action!

4 thoughts on “Boogie On Down 3: And the WINNER is…

  1. I think that the final 4 this season were very close competition. There was not one person that thought shouldn’t be there.

    I do believe that Danny was the best dancer. He may not have been the best performer though. I do feel that if he had the personality and spirit that Sabra did, he could have swept the competition.

    Just my opinion.

  2. i flipped thru the channels the other night and saw the end of this show and thought of you marv!

    great show…I knew you would write the end. remember we were designing the hk shirt in my living room when the first show came on…i never laughed so hard when the dude landed on his face.


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